NURSES’ work ethics and dedication are better known today within the health-care sector, as stated by Dr Leong Choon Kit (“Nurses deserve more recognition”; Tuesday) and Dr James Low (“Our front-line heroes and heroines, thank you”; Mind Your Body, July 24).

We are grateful for their strong affirmation, and concur with Dr Leong that more can be done to make nurses’ contributions better known and appreciated by the public.

Nurses today are well represented on committees, strategic work groups and boards at both the organisational and national levels.

Within the arena of evidence-based practice and publications, many of our nurses in various institutions have been getting their research papers successfully published in notable international journals, as well as in the local academic journal published by the Singapore Nurses Association.

We are heartened that ongoing efforts and consideration have gone into shaping the future development of nursing in Singapore and raising the competency levels of every nurse through comprehensive training, as well as regular recognition.

Like Dr Leong, we look forward to the recommendations by the National Nursing Taskforce. While the incidence of abuse of nurses by demanding patients and families has been on the rise, this is generally true for all health-care workers. The reporting of abuse cases and deterrent penalties by the courts of law are steps in the right direction.

The professionalism of nurses has won the respect, appreciation and admiration of the public. Their consistent and engaging approach to care is often alluded to in complimentary letters from patients or their families to health-care institutions.

The ongoing work on improving professional and career progression is an indication that our nurses and nursing leaders are committed to improving patients’ lives. On behalf of all nurses in Singapore, I thank members of the public for their faith and trust in nurses. And to all nurses, have a great Nurses Day!

Lim Swee Hia
(Associate Professor)
President, Singapore Nurses Association

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