Dear Members,

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) dedicates this song to every nurse, whether they are working on the pandemic front line, or doing their everyday job caring for individuals and their families in communities, hospitals and clinics around the world.

“I am a Nurse” was recorded during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is available to purchase on Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and other music sales/streaming websites.

Profits from sales will go to ICN’s Florence Nightingale International Foundation. The Foundation supports and complements the work and objectives of ICN, including through the advancement of nursing education, research and services for the public good.

The Foundation’s signature project is the Girl Child Education Fund, which pays for the education of girls in developing countries whose nurse parents have died.


I am a Nurse

I have washed his naked body
I have combed her thinning hair
I have held his hand in the smallest hours
And shared in her despair

I have watched you getting better
I have seen your lows and highs
I have helped you back from the brink of death
And I’ve watched you fade and die

I am a nurse, I am a nurse

I have listened while you ranted
I have caught you as you fell
And I want you to know though it’s hard for me
I’ll still be there for you

I am tired and I am frantic
It can be a thankless task
But I’ll keep on being there for you
I’ll do whatever you ask

I am a nurse, I am a nurse
I am a nurse, I am a nurse

I have strength to carry on
Because I know what you are worth
Though we’re on our knees, we’re still here to please
The Most rewarding job on earth.

I am a nurse, I am a nurse
I am a nurse, I am a nurse

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