Provides a platform for nurses to share their expertise and to provide peer support.

Dermatology nursing in Singapore started in early 70’s from the old Middle Road Hospital. The pioneer group of dermatology nurses remains in National Skin Centre after the closure of Middle Road Hospital. Over the years, dermatology nursing had evolved into many sub specialties such as Phototherapy, Aesthetic, Immnunology and Venereology.

Under the leadership of Ms Brenda Lim, the Head of Nursing from National Skin Centre, Dermatology Nursing Chapter was formed with the hope of providing a platform for nurses to share their expertise and to provide peer support. Professional activities include continuing education and training, collaboration of forums with national and international nursing organizations; and interdisciplinary societies to synergise in standard of care and delivery for our patients. Last but not the least, to promote and raise the awareness of dermatology nursing as a specialty nursing practice among health care professionals and the public.

The inauguration of the Dermatology Nurses Chapter was held on 16th August 2011 at SNA House.

The dermatology committee look forwards to create more awareness of dermatology care and increase the standard of nursing care for people with dermatology conditions.

Excellence in Dermatology Nursing Care

Our Mission:

  • Focus on nurses in providing competent and dedicated care for their patients.
  • Build an enthusiastic and effective dermatology team with shared core values.
  • Enhance training and continuous education for our fellow nursing professionals.
  • Partnership with the community in the prevention and management of dermatology conditions.

The following members were nominated and duly elected as listed below:

Name Position
1 Lim Bee Khim Brenda Chairperson
2 Chua Rong Yue Ryan Vice-Chairperson
3 Tang Seok Han Esther Secretary
4 Lim Chay Mien Asst Secretary
5 Ahmad Shufi Bin Jasmani Treasurer
6 Ratnasari Asst Treasurer
7 Charlene Foo Committee Member
8 Cindy Choi Committee Member
9 Daniel Seah Committee Member
10 Du Juan Committee Member
11 Li Jing Jing Committee Member
12 Melody Grace Committee Member
13 Mohd Adnan Committee Member
14 Norlaila Kamarudin Committee Member
15 Sumarni Binte Asari Committee Member
16 Wang Yu Yan Committee Member
17 Agnes Chong Sub-Committee Member
18 Leong Hui Hui Sub-Committee Member
19 Nancy Ho Sub-Committee Member


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