A social network for critical care nurses.

The idea of forming a society as a social network for critical care nurses was first conceived in 1974 by nurses who were working in the Coronary Care and Renal Units. That idea resulted in the birth of an ICU Club the same year. Monthly meeting were held to discuss work issues. That was usually followed by a high tea at coffee house or picnic.

In 1986, Miss V. Mudeliar a former tutor for the Intensive Nursing Care Course inaugurated the Critical Care Nurses Chapter at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Miss Mudeliar was unanimously elected as its first Chairman. Mdm Tang Ah Moy was the Vice Chairman and Miss Lim Ee Lee the Secretary.

Objectives of CCNC

  • Develop standards in critical care nursing.
  • Provide information on the state of the art concepts and practices in critical care nursing.
  • Promote interest in continuing education.
  • Facilitate effective networking among critical care nurses.
  • Build a bureau of information in critical care nursing.
  • Promote research in critical care nursing.

Full membership is open to all nurses trained in any critical care nursing discipline.
Associate Membership would be granted to all nurses working in the critical care areas but who have not undergone courses in critical care.

Critical Care Nursing course students are allowed to be associated members.

All members must be members of SNA.

Chairperson Mr James Quah
Vice Chairperson Ms Asmah Bte Mohd Noor
Secretary Ms Liu Li Chu
Asst. Secretary Ms Anne Tok
Treasurer Ms Hnin New Oo
Asst. Treasurer Mr Ismail Sheriff
Members Ms Karen Tan Meng Ying

Ms Cui Haihua

Ms Kosalram Indra Gandhi

Ms Zhang Rui

Ms Koh Gek Chee

Ms Guan Suyan

Ms Zubaidah Bte Mohamed

CCNC Logo & Badge
The CCNC logo was designed in 1987 by one of the committee members, Mr. Ismail Sheriff,. This logo is featured on our letter heads, certificates and badges. The colours and design of the logo bear the following meaning:

The round border depicts the ICU nurses as well rounded and wholesome.
The blue color show the sky which is the limit set for our excellence in nursing.
The red color represents our vibrancy and courage.
The lamp in gold is our brilliance and shine.

Aside from organising seminars and workshop for nurses, the CCNC has also since 1998 embarked on a series of CPR workshops for the community free of charge. It also hopes to intensify its community outreach activities in year 1999 to help public learn life saving skills and to promote health awareness in the community.

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