The UNC Logo

Each colour signifies our characteristics in education, expert sharing, resource personnel and assimilation of current and best practices.

Red for kidneys and ureters, indicate energy, strength, passion and love.

Orange for UNC letterings means warmth, joy, determination, creativity and encouragement.


The Urology Nurses Chapter (UNC) was initiated in July 2019 by a group of dedicated nurses with expertise on Urology in both adult and paediatric settings.

We pledge to provide the knowledge and skills in urologic nursing care as well as seek the highest level of practice. We aspire to provide top-quality education programs and networking opportunities to members.


  • Educate nurses on urology-related nursing management to improve patient outcomes.
  • Advocate the importance of evidence-based practice in the care and management of patient with urology conditions.
  • Be contemporary, proactive and balanced in providing regular and ongoing advice in shaping urologic nursing care.
  • Collaborate with other healthcare organisations to the benefit of patients needing urological care.
  • Stimulate research ideas and disseminate innovative works in the area of urology nursing management.
  • Increase awareness and engagement of nurses with SNA Urology Nurses Chapter.


  • Opened to those who are trained in Urology.
  • Opened to those who have deep interest in Urology.
  • Opened to those who are providing clinical service related to Urology.
  • Students or nurses who are furthering education in Urology.
  • Must be SNA members.


To be the leading platform in developing and fostering participation and education through a diversified expertise in the management of patients with urological conditions.


To enhance the nursing excellence and improving members’ lives through education, advocacy, networking, and science.

Terms of Reference

  • Promotion of excellence in all aspects of care and urology-related nursing management.
  • Promotion of evidence-based policy and practice in urologic care.
  • Working in partnership with individuals and groups to promote the aim and objectives of this chapter.


  1. Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  2. Annual Urology Conference/ Workshop
  3. Recruitment Exercises
  4. Mini-series lectures
  5. Conduct and present evidence-based study to improve nursing care and management of patients with urology conditions.
  6. Engage in conference to share on urology-related research works with international nurses.
  7. Visit SNA nursing students’ clubs to share on urology-related knowledge.
Chapter Committee

Office Bearers

Chairperson Dr Juriyah Yatim
Vice Chairperson Ms Toh Poh Choo
Advisor Dr Png Hong Hock
Secretary Ms Tang Chow Fen
Assistant Secretary Ms Tong Wei Li Lydia
Treasurer Ms Grace Su Wenqian
Members Ms Farhana Begum Bte Abdul Latiff
Ms Ranjit Kaur D/O Jarneal Singh
Ms Charmaine Goh
Ms Amy Lim Ee Lin
Ms Karine Sim
Ms Ng Yun Shu Lynn
Ms Maslinna Abdul Rahman
Ms Liang Qing
Mr Shandy Tan Jianlin
Dr Rosalind Siah Chiew Jiat



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