To many of her peers, friends, and mentees within the local nursing fraternity, Ms Ang was an authentic, open-minded, and nurturing nurse leader who was always prepared to develop the full potential of nursing and nurses. She believed that nurses in Singapore have much to offer in influencing and shaping the future of healthcare in Singapore, and had invested much time and effort, in personal and official capacities, to enhance the capability of nursing leadership in Singapore.

In her tenure as the Chief Nursing Officer, Ministry of Health from 2001 to 2007, she was a strong advocate for the vision of SNA and would make time to ensure that the voices and needs of nurses in Singapore were adequately heard. The SNA deeply treasured her advice and insights to grow and strengthen the voice of nurses in Singapore, particularly through nursing leadership development.

Like many nurse leaders today, the SNA will always remember Ms Ang as a motherly figure who never stopped caring.

Ms Samantha Ong


Singapore Nurses Association

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