What is 2OS?

Second Opinion Service (2OS) is an exclusive service offered to SNA members. It allows members to choose and tap on professional views and beliefs of 2OS Nursing Peers on any of the subjects below

i. Your nursing career

ii. Your practice as a leader or a nurse

iii. A project that you are involved in

2OS Mentors 2021

Dr Emily Ang

Dr Tiew Lay Hwa

Ms Png Gek Kheng

Ms Liu YuChan

Ms Doreen Heng

Ms Anita Tan

Ms Margaret Lee

Ms Daphne Ng

Ms Hartini Osman

Mr James Quah

Mr Yong Keng Kwang

Mr Rahmat Bin Jasmani

Ms Koh Yee Mui

Ms Poh Pei Fen

Ms Rosie Kwan

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