Promote and maintain professional standards and advancement of nursing.


  • Promote and maintain professional standards and advancement of nursing.
    Promote education and improved methods of nursing.
  • Cooperate with other nursing organizations in the interest of nurses or the general community.
    Collect and disseminate nursing and kindred subjects.
  • Provide benefits, financial or otherwise, to members in case of illness or adversity, subject to availability of fund.

Chairperson                    Ms Naomi Jonathan

Vice Chairperson            Mr Amali

Advisor                           Ms Doreen Heng

Secretary                        Ms Ong Teng Teng

Asst. Secretary                Ms Yao Chun Mei


Ms Yeo Min                    Mr Walter Ting

Ms Alison Gan                Mr Koh Yong Siang

Ms Yuki Tan                    Ms Summer Cheng

Ms Karen Lim                  Ms Teo Wei Qin

Ms Nashirah                    Ms Chen Xiao Rong

Ms Joy Wee                     Mr Eugene Tay

Mr Ibnu Firdaus               Ms Michelle Lin

Ms Zeng Baoyi                 Ms Grace Lai

Ms Angeline Lim              Mr Stanley Yip

Ms Tneh Yu Xuan             Ms Rachel Koh

Ms Bairavi Joann              Ms Hazwani

Ms Tan Sheng Lian           Ms Shi Kui

Mr Habib Iskander            Ms Lee Ang Yun

Ms Jean Vianney               Ms Rae Wong Su Min

Ms Cheng Si’Jia                 Ms Kayla Seet Mei Kay

Mr Thomas Mohan Felix


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