1. Promote Rheumatology & Immunology through education and research

2. Promote evidence-based practice in Rheumatology & Immunology

3. Promote awareness and interest in Rheumatology & Immunology nursing among nurses

4. Promote networking among the Rheumatology & Immunology nurses from local and overseas hospital

5. A resource centre for information on Rheumatology & Immunology nursing


To develop Rheumatology & Immunology nurses to excellence through education and research


Provide a platform for Rheumatology & Immunology nurses to network and share evidence-based practices through continuing education, seminars, workshops, conferences and research


1. Organise regular continuing education (bi-annually)

2. Organise Rheumatology & Immunology conference /public forum (every 2 years)

3. Collaborate with Rheumatology Society to organise nursing workshop / seminars (every 2 years)

4. Organise and collaborate volunteer outreach events (every 2 yearly)

5. Committee members to meet quarterly for updates


Chairperson:      Ms Yee Sow Ling (SGH)
Secretary:           Ms Jasmine Goh Chwee Yin (NTFGH)
Co-Secretary:     Ms Tan Li Khoon (SGH)
Treasurer:           Ms Zhang Rong Fang (SGH)
Co-Treasurer:     Ms Chong Siew Hwa (NUH)
Committee Members:
Pong Lee Yeng         Tan Hui Ching Kimberlyn
Tan Chiew Hwa        Tan Yih Shan
Siti Azura  Teresa     Anne Foo Hui Ting (ARC)
Chen Wen Jing         Amy Lim Ee Lin
Lim Elin                      Hoh Sook Fun
Gao Xiaocong            Maslinna AR


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