Advancing the quality of psychiatric nursing in the interest of the public.


The mission of Psychiatric Nurses Chapter is to advance the quality of psychiatric nursing in the interest of the public. To achieve this, it promotes high standards of practice, education, research, and administration. The PNC committee is represented by psychiatric nurses from government, restructured and private hospitals.

Birth of the Chapter

The formation of the Psychiatric Nurses’ Chapter ( PNC ) was first initiated in July 1990 by its proterm leader Mdm Peggy Tan and Susie Kong, the President of the Singapore Nurses’ Association (SNA).  Official approval for the formation of the PNC was given at the Executive Council meeting of the SNA held on 17 July 1990.  The inaugural meeting of the PNC was held on 1 Oct 1990 where the objectives and criteria for membership were formulated.  The PNC was officially launched on 12 Jan 1991 with a ceremony cum tea party at Vickers’ House. The event was well attended by about 100 nursing and medical staff.


  • Upgrade and maintain the standard of psychiatric nursing.
  • Provide guidelines for psychiatric nurses in Singapore.
  • Provide continuing education on current trends in psychiatric nursing.
  • Foster and promote closer bond among psychiatric nurses in Singapore.

Terms of Reference

  • All committee members must be SNA members.
  • The Psychiatric Nurses Chapter would be run independently with its own committee.
  • The committee would be responsible for all its activities and funds.
  • The Psychiatric Nurses Chapter would donate 5% of all funds raised minus expenses to SNA.
Advisor: Ms. Samantha Ong Committee Members: Ms. Chia Youling
Chairperson: Mr. Warric Ng Mr. Ooi Wee Joe
Vice Chairperson: Mr. Leo TingYuan Ms. Wendy Tan
Vice Chairperson: Ms. Antonette Asuncion Mr. Li Ruifeng, Raymond
Secretary: Ms. Xie Huiting Mr. Liu Yequan
Assistant Secretary: Ms. Khoo Chi En Mr. Kong Yean Cheng
Treasurer: Ms. Li Suying
Assistant Treasurer: Mr. Raveen Dev
Auditor: Ms. Ng Kee Huang, Anita



Membership Eligibility

  • All Registered Mental Health/Psychiatric Nurses.
  • Registered Assistant Psychiatric Nurses are welcome as Associated Members.
  • All nurses who are currently working in Psychiatric Hospitals and Units.
  • All members must be members or associate members of Singapore Nurses Association.

Logo & Certificates

Since the middle of 1992 , The Committee began sourcing for a logo for the PNC.Members submitted designs for the logo and the design that was finally chosen was created by one of our Committee members.

The meaning of the attractive logo in colours of red and blue is described as follows:

  • P in blue, depicts a calm environment
  • N in red action towards achieving excellence in  nursing
  • C stands for the Chapter’s goals.

The logo shows psychiatric nurses wholeheartedly giving care with love.
The diamond border serves as a reminder that promoting health (mental) is important, precious and valuable.

In February 1993, Certificates of Attendance which bear the SNA and PNC logo were printed.  Participants of all PNC talks were awarded these certificates.

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