The PCNC will:

  • Define and advance the unique body of knowledge and the holistic approach used in palliative care nursing.
  • Support palliative care nursing research, education, practice and administration at a national level.
  • Promote hospice palliative care networking opportunities to enhance communication and learning among nurses.
  • Influence palliative care public policy development at the national and provincial level.


  • To aid the advancement of hospice palliative care nursing through thepromotion and facilitation of evidence-based nursing practice.
  • To maintain and promote standards of care for palliative care nursing practice.
  • To setup certification for palliative care nursing.
  • To promote educational events directed at enhancing palliative care nursing practice that will close the gap between nursing education and nursing practice.
  • To raise the profile of palliative care nursing within the nursing profession, allied health care fields, and with the general public.
  • To promote effective communication at a national level among members of this specialty.
  • To collaborate effectively with the interdisciplinary professions to enhance quality palliative care services in Singapore.
  • To promote the development and maintenance of quality practice environments that facilitate the delivery of effective palliative care nursing.
  • To develop strategies for building capacity for hospice palliative care nursing research in Singapore.
  • To demonstrate leadership in palliative care nursing by advocating for quality care, interdisciplinary collaboration, effective communication, and by facilitating development of mentors and roles models.

Chairperson:        A/Prof Edward Poon


Secretary:             Lee Jing Ru


Treasurer:             Tan Poh Hoon


Members:             Henry Kong, Jaslin, Zhu Xia


Observers:            Poon Yit Ming, Mis Rohaiza, Christine Seck


The logo comprise of two colours. Pink represent passion to promote and advocate the provision of quality palliative care nursing by profession. Blue represents serenity and dignity that terminally ill patients experience at the final stage of their life.

Activities for 2015 

1. Talks and Journal Club
2. Staff Support
3. Palliative Care Leadership Course
4. Workshop on Use of Technology
5. Clinical Competency


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