Providing leadership and direction for the nursing profession.

Nursing will be an autonomous and united profession recognized and valued for its leadership in providing quality care and as a key player in influencing health policy and decisions.

Terms of Reference

  • Provide leadership and directions for the nursing profession.
  • Provide a forum for professional sharing and support, to address challenges and issues in healthcare.
  • Foster higher education and nursing research to enhance the nursing practice.
  • Promote continuing education and development opportunities for nurses.

SNA President


A/ Prof Lim Swee Hia

Advisor Ms Tan Soh Chin (MOH)  
Chairperson Ms Chen Yee Chui (NHGP)  
Co-Chairperson Ms Paulin Koh (CGH)  
Secretary Ms Annie Goh (KKH) & Ms Karen Perera (SGH)  



Members Ms Bella Tan (NYP) Dr Catherine Koh (NUHS)
  Ms Elaine Ng (Parkway Hospitals) Ms Ho Ai Lian (NHCS)
  Ms Kuttiamal Sundarasan (JHS) Ms Kwek Koon Roan (NHCS)
  Ms Low Beng Hoi (KTPH) Ms Ng Gaik Nai (KKH)
  Ms Philomena Liew Meng Moi (CGH) Ms Samantha Ong (IMH)
  Ms Susie Goh (St Luke’s Hospital) Ms Susan Kok (TMC)
  Mr Yong Keng Kwang (TTSH)  

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