Create a platform for nurses to share and learn from each other on continence matters so that we can provide better and safer care for our patients in the various different care settings where we work in.

Birth of the Chapter

The Continence Nurses Chapter was first started on 21/2/04 by Nurse Clinician Tan Sok Eng. She was instrumental in gathering nurses and nursing aides from the hospitals, community hospitals, nursing homes and home care services to meet together once in two months to discuss on continence issues. She also invited experts to share on the problems related to continence and management. She had worked with the nursing team in Ju Eng Home on a project to wean off diapers for the residents from May to Oct 2005. This paper was presented at ACA UK in 2007 and was also published in the New Dimension journal Jan-June 2008.

 Chairperson  Ms Tan Sok Eng
 Vice Chairperson  Ms Loh Fong Chee
 Secretary  Ms Gillian Beine
 Treasurer  Ms Irene Yeo
 Members  Ms Anisah
 Ms Tan Lay Choon
 Ms Chua Kheng Neo
 Mr Jimmy Ligas
 Ms Tan Guat Ping
 Ms Susan Koh
 Mr Ting Woon Ching

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